Chalet Reservation

One of the many benefits of being a KC Swiss Society member is the ability to reserve our Chalet for special events*. Chalet Küpfer is a lovely retreat for any small to medium sized event. In return, we simply ask for a $100 donation to the Swiss Society. We naturally ask that you leave the Chalet in the proper condition.

To make a reservation, first check the calendar below for availability**. Please be advised that the Chalet will be winterized (water off, toilet drained, no gas and no heat) between the Weihnachtsfest and Strawberry Picnic events (December – April). Next, contact for confirmation. Someone will get back to you with a final OK and instructions on how to get in. We hope you enjoy our little getaway.

*Please note that reservations require members to be active and in good standing for at least 2 consecutive years immediately prior to the request (Board decision, June 6, 2015).

**We currently request at least 4 weeks’ notice to accommodate ongoing building/grounds maintenance/improvement projects.